Iran Rubber Granules play a pivotal role in crafting secure playground base layers, fostering an environment of safety for children. With the embrace of rubber surfacing designed to absorb shocks, playgrounds become havens of gentleness, significantly reducing the likelihood of injuries compared to their conventional counterparts.

The choice of rubber granulate as the foundation for playground surfaces emerges as a health-conscious decision, especially when juxtaposed with alternatives like sand, gravel, or wooden chips.

Iran rubber offers rubber granulate for playgrounds in three standard sizes.

shock absorption

Rubber powder has the ability to absorb shock and can prevent damage to bones and joints.

Increased safety

The use of rubber powder can reduce the risk of falling and increase the safety of athletes.

Reduce fatigue

The rubber powder used in the sports field can create less pressure on the bones and joints and help to reduce the fatigue of the athletes.

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