About us

Established in 2015, Iran Rubber Company is a leading manufacturer of steel-free and fiber-free rubber granules, located within the industrial complex of Shiraz, in the southern region of Iran. With an annual production capacity exceeding 12,000 tons, the company stands as one of the largest rubber granule production facilities in Iran.

1. Superior Quality

At Iran Rubber, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our products. Our wire-free and fiber-free rubber granules, manufactured to the highest international standards, are the first choice for discerning professionals.


2. Absence of Impurities

A notable feature of our produced rubber granules is the absence of detrimental impurities such as wires and fibers. Through meticulous and advanced production processes, our products are entirely free from these impurities.


3. Environmental Compatibility

Iran Rubber Company is committed to producing environmentally friendly products by leveraging modern technologies and sustainable manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to reducing waste and harmful emissions.


3. Environmental Compatibility 

Iran Rubber, drawing upon years of experience in rubber granule manufacturing, is prepared to fulfill both short-term and long-term contractual agreements to meet your specific needs. With confidence in our quality and capabilities, you can confidently continue your business endeavors.

Export Strategy

Since 2018, Iran Rubber Company has expanded its operations to include export activities. Focusing on top-tier quality and a proud industry legacy, we continue to produce rubber granules of global standards and proudly export them to neighboring countries.

For further information and collaboration opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our  Iran Rubber sales team.