Across the globe, both local and national authorities recognize the advantages of incorporating modified asphalt into new road initiatives. This approach proves to be cost-effective over the short and long term, as it enhances road durability against rutting and cracking. Consequently, maintenance requirements diminish, alleviating both financial and traffic-related concerns since road closures during upkeep are minimized.

In contemporary road construction, the prevalent technique for bitumen modification involves the utilization of synthetic rubber known as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene). SBS originates from limited primary resources, thereby incurring not only economic expenses but also environmental implications. Nevertheless, the application of SBS as a bitumen modifier can be substituted with recycled rubber powder (Iran Rubber FINE POWDER). This substitution has evolved into a standardized practice, backed by years of practical implementation on a global scale.

Using rubber powder in asphalt (asphalt rubberization) has the following advantages and benefits

1. Increase useful life

Adding rubber powder to asphalt makes it more resistant to cracking, rotting and wear in asphalt. This increases the useful life of the asphalt and requires less maintenance over time.

2. Improved moisture resistance

Adding rubber powder to asphalt makes it not absorb moisture caused by rain and contact with water. This reduction in moisture absorption helps the asphalt to improve its resistance to water, cracking and rotting.

3. Optimizing properties

The addition of rubber powder to rubber formulations can bring significant improvements in properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance.

4. Improvement of mechanical properties

The use of rubber powder in asphalt improves its mechanical properties, including increased flexibility and resistance to cracking. This improvement in the mechanical properties of asphalt can lead to savings in maintenance and repair costs.

Rubber powder suitable for asphalt and bitumen production

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